You look healthy.

And by that I don’t mean you look fat.
I mean your face isn’t grey any more, the circles under your eyes aren’t so dark. Your lips aren’t cracked and dry and your hair isn’t thinning and brittle. I mean you seem more focused when I talk to you, You actually look at me and listen rather than being so unable to stay still or think about anything other than your illness that your eyes dart around the room and you nod manically the whole time I’m speaking. You seem calmer, stiller, quieter. You’re easier to have a joke with and you take things on board much more than you used to.
I mean you laugh now, you’re less serious. There’s life about you, it’s in your eyes and your smile, it’s in the way you speak and even in the way you go about your daily tasks. 

You look healthy. You look happy. It really, really suits you.


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I love this so much! This is my absolute favorite post ever!

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This is still my favorite post in the world!

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I’m afraid of being wrong. 

I spent most of my life looking down.

To avoid attention, I act like I don’t know what I’m doing.

I did this for so long that now I think it’s true.

I feel like I was better than this. 

Now, I feel so slow, so unsure, and so absentminded about things that are common knowledge to those around me.

I am so insecure about myself that even the slightest insult throws me off.

"Relax." "Oh well." "Just go with it." "Hakuna matata." "Momentai"

I convince myself to be nonchalant about things and to just accept it and keep moving.

But maybe that’s wrong.

Maybe I’m just running away.

Maybe I’m just afraid to face those harsh words and criticism. 

I just don’t want to be hurt.

I’m sorry.

"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult"

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